Volunteer at CNI Cochlear Kids Camp

“I’d never volunteered at a kids camp prior to the Cochlear Kids Camp.  I went into my first camp without knowing what to expect and I left with a whole new outlook on life.  Camp to me is a chance to recharge my battery for the year, coming away new and refreshed.  The children, their families and the other volunteers have become family to me over the years.  Ultimately the Cochlear Kids camp taught me just how valuable and rewarding it is to contribute in a manner that makes a difference in so many peoples lives.” – Chad Spjuth

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at one or both of the CNI Cochlear Kids Camp. Volunteers play an integral role in our camp and we actively seek those who are 18 years of age or older. Some of our volunteers are camp “graduates” who have returned to help mentor kids.

In order to serve as a volunteer at the CNI Cochlear Kids Camp, we ask that you please complete and submit the required forms listed below. Also, we ask that volunteers be onsite throughout the entire camp weekend unless otherwise discussed with CNI.

Volunteers are NOT required to have a CI and/or know sign language to volunteer.  However, if you do have a CI and/or know sign language please list on application.

Due to budgetary constraints, we cannot cover travel expenses nor can we accommodate family members of camp volunteers. Once we receive application materials from volunteers, we compare their skills with camp needs and then we have the challenge of determining which of the many generous and kind-hearted individuals we can invite to join us. We make every effort to get back in touch with all interested applicants as soon as possible so that they can make travel and time-off arrangements.

A typical volunteer might have a schedule something like this:

Day 1
Help with registration/check-in

Attend the welcome events and activities with families and then join the families in the gathering rooms for conversation

Day 2
Group Photo
Accompany a group of 4-5 families, along with a YMCA counselor and provide sign language as needed on a group activity

Staff the information desk and prepare for evening activities

Day 3
Accompany a group of children, along with a YMCA counselor and provide sign language as needed

Staff the information desk and prepare for evening activities

Day 4
Help with check-out
Finish by 10-11 am

As you can see, volunteers are vital to the success of the camp and remain very busy. The participating families are truly amazing and the children are the very best aspect. Many volunteers come back year after year just to be a part of this experience and to watch these very special youngsters grow and develop with greater confidence and blossoming personalities.

Volunteer Registration

Now that you’ve read more about volunteering at our CNI Cochlear Kids Camp, please consider whether you are interested in joining us. If so, please complete the following three required forms:COLORADO NEUROLOGICAL INSTITUTE-Camp volunteeer form

YMCA Adult Release Form

Please send your forms to:

CNI Cochlear Kids Camp
701 East Hampden Avenue
Suite 415
Englewood, CO 80113

or email your forms to cochlearcamp@thecni.org.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions, please e-mail cochlearcamp@thecni.org.

Colorado Neurological Insitute