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pic1 pic2 pic3Scope Attempts to End the Awkward Moments between People without Disabilities and People with Disabilities

In life, everyone encounters awkward moments, especially in unfamiliar situations. Often awkward situations occur when a person without a disability interacts with a person with a disability. Scope has been working to end the discomfort with online education.

What is Scope?

Scope is an organization in the United Kingdom that works to provide people with disabilities with equal opportunities.

Scope focuses on making sure that people are aware of the awkward things that they do when interacting with a person with a disability. The organization does not criticize; they educate the public on how to properly socialize with others.

How are they spreading awareness?

Scope educates the public is through tips for different situations. They include…

They have made video ads and other videos that include people with disabilities talking about their disabilities and the situations that they have been in.



Social media is another way that they have been rapidly spreading awareness. The hash tag #EndTheAwkward is being used on Facebook and Twitter in posts about awkward situations that are happening and ways to end awkward moments.

















Examples of Tips from Scope

Scope has lots of useful tips that can help you end your awkwardness. According to scope the most basic tips are…

1)      See the person, not just their impairment.

2)      Try not to make assumptions.

3)      If you are unsure or need to know something, just ask!

4)      Accept what the person with a disability says about themselves and their impairment.

5)      Remember that not all conditions are visible.

 Check out the Scope website for more tips and information.

Why CNI thinks this campaign is important.

 At Colorado Neurological Institute, we work with patients who have neurological conditions that can cause decreased mobility, speech issues and cognitive decline. CNI believes in the importance of educating people about neurological conditions.

Ellen Belle, a physical therapist at CNI says, “Awkward moments are often caused by lack of knowledge about what to do in a given situation.  Remember, we are all people, and we like to be complimented and recognized for who we are as a person.  A disability is secondary –so don’t let it get in the way.”

We all have differences, and nobody should have to feel singled out.  Spread awareness and #EndTheAwkward.

Scope Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Scope

Twitter: https://twitter.com/scope

Website: http://www.scope.org.uk/

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