Spasticity Clinic

IMG_3480A multidisciplinary clinic serving those with Spasticity for the management of symptoms that limit mobility and function in your daily life.

What is the CNI Spasticity clinic?

In this clinic patients are evaluated by a physiatrist, a physical therapist and an occupational therapist to develop a treatment plan to manage their muscle stiffness or spasticity.

What is Spasticity?

Spasticity is muscle stiffness that may limit function and mobility and occurs in multiple neurological conditions such as MS, stroke and ALS to name a few.  Symptoms include stiffness of muscles, contractures and clonus.

Who leads the Spasticity Clinic?

Dr. Karen Theriot is the Medical Director of the clinic and has over 25 years of experience.  She is a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor or physiatrist.  She coordinates rehabilitation efforts and medical management of symptoms assisting to achieve maximum function and maximum safety. Dr. Theriot does medical IMG_3482management, botox injections and baclofen pump trials in conjunction with this clinic.

The clinic team includes:  physiatrist, physical and occupational therapists

Types of treatment:  Treatment may include medical management, bracing, botox injections, stretching either at home or in conjunction with physical and/or occupational therapy.

How do I schedule an appointment? 

Contact Ellen Belle at 303-788-4010 or Dr. Karen Theriot at 303-788-4106.  Clinics are held twice monthly.