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CNI Research News

Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI) is a nonprofit neuroscience organization that provides research support to physician and medical staff that wish to engage inneuroscience research.  Since its inception in 1988, providing research support and resources has been an integral part of CNI’s mission. In partnership with distinguished physicians, we are engaged in research in a full spectrum of neurological disorders, including stroke, epilepsy, movement disorders, neurosurgery, hearing disorders, multiple sclerosis and head pain.

NeuroMatters is a CNI publication that features the latest clinical trials at CNI. This issue focuses on current stroke research and upcoming trials. Click the image to download NeuroMatters to learn more about CNI research.


NeuroMatters 2014

Through CNI, patients with a variety of neurological conditions and their families have access to support groups, clinical trials, education and outreach events, specialty clinics, neuro-specific rehabilitation and more. Medical professionals also have access to CNI educational opportunities such as the upcoming CME DBS Conference in Beaver Creek, CO on March 1st and 2nd.

To learn more about CNI and the research we are doing, please email Alicia Novak, Director of Research, at


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