Alicia Novak, PhD, MBA Named Colorado Neurological Institute’s Director of Research

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Alicia Novak, PhD, MBA Named Colorado Neurological Institute’s Director of Research
Under Novak’s leadership, CNI’s research department has entered an impressive new era.

AliciaColorado Neurological Institute, a 26 year old nonprofit serving the needs of patients with neurological diseases in the Rocky Mountain Region, is proud to celebrate the appointment of Alicia Novak, PhD, MBA as their Director of Research. Novak has been with CNI since May of 2012 in the Associate Director role and has now been promoted.  Her accomplishments at CNI to date include the tripling of ongoing clinical trials in neurological disorders, the engagement of several new physicians and neurologists in research efforts at CNI, the establishment of a basic science platform for clinicians to have resources to do research (even in the midst of their busy clinical practices), the expansion of the overall research division and more.

Since joining CNI, Alicia has contributed a wealth of knowledge, which she attained working as a Neuroscience Research Scientist for more than 20 years. Her professional experience includes management of research laboratories, as well as the oversight of both basic and clinical research projects. Previous to partnering with CNI, Alicia served as the Supervisor of the Neurotrauma Research Laboratory at Swedish Medical Center. There she focused on molecular mechanisms involved in stroke and traumatic brain injury.

Some current trials at CNI include:

  • Development of a brain computer interface program for neuro-rehabilitation, Principal Investigator: Adam Hebb, MD
  • Treatment of oculo-motor dysfunction in individuals with traumatic brain injury, Principal Investigator: Thomas Politzer, OD
  • Treatment of refractory Status Epilepticus, Principal Investigator: Charles Livsey, MD, PhD
  • Levetiracetam outcomes in acute stroke patients, Principal Investigator: Ira Chang, MD
  • Self-efficacy program for recently diagnosed Parkinson’s patients, Principal Investigators: Rajeev Kumar, MD and Diane Cook

To learn more about CNI’s research, please contact Alicia Novak at 303-806-7423 or Information is also available at

“We are delighted to have Alicia Novak heading up our research division.  She has tripled our clinical trials, engaged more physicians than ever in research, and built a truly robust and respectable research program here at CNI. We couldn’t ask for a more dedicated, hard working and visionary leader,” said Tami Lack, MA, CFRE, Executive Director of CNI.

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