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Colorado Neurological Institute and Rocky Mountain Cochlear Implant Center Celebrate the Success of Elise Daly, a Young Bilateral Cochlear Implant Recipient

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Elise Daly, a spirited 4th grader whose life changed for the better after receiving the gift of hearing, provides testimony to the notion that hope fuels our world. As a deaf child, Elise knew at a young age the level of gumption necessary to overcome life’s unforeseen obstacles. With the support of her parents, siblings, and her amazing team of medical professionals at Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI), Swedish Medical Center, and Rocky Mountain Ear Center, Elise has evolved into a confident young lady who now serves as an ambassador of hope and an advocate for bilateral cochlear implants.

Bilateral implantation, meaning one implant device per ear, has significantly improved Elise’s hearing and speech abilities. Due to this life-changing procedure, she is now certain that she is in full control of her destiny. This valuable lesson is “truly the miracle of life and the definition of hope,” remarked Elise’s parents, Chip and Michelle Daly.

Each time Elise laces up her ice skates or steps on stage to act in a play, she is overjoyed by sounds of joy and promise. Her performance as “Sleepy Dwarf” in the City of Ft. Collins 25th Anniversary Winter Wishes Ice Show and her recent Hope Award, granted by CNI, are just two of Elise’s notable accomplishments. Her success fills the hearts of many, including Dr. Kelsall, the Director of the CNI Hearing Program, the CNI team, and the staff at Rocky Mountain Ear Center.

Now Elise desires to share her story with other young people experiencing similar hearing issues. Elise’s involvement in the CNI Cochlear Kids Camp has allowed her to forge long lasting friendships with other “CI Kids,” and she has even convinced a friend to “go bilateral.”CNI’s Cochlear Kids Camp is an annual tradition organized by CNI with the help of generous donors. Families from all across the United States and Canada are invited for 4 days and 3 nights of recreation, education, and celebration. “CNI Cochlear Kids Camp bonds families for life and makes the world seem a little less scary and large. The CI Kids and their families demonstrate such success, that it allows us as parents some peace of mind…knowing that things will be okay,” said Chip and Michelle.

Colorado Neurological Institute’s Role

Colorado Neurological Institute, a non-profit founded in 1988, provides a Hearing Program with advanced resources and technology to improve sound detection and communication abilities for both children and adults with moderate to profound hearing loss. The program currently includes Rocky Mountain Ear Center, which assisted the Daly family, as well as Denver Ear Associates. Both are located near the Swedish Medical Center campus.

The Hearing Program operates as one of the most comprehensive and active cochlear implant programs in the region, spreading awareness and offering supreme patient care. As CNI is a non-profit, Hearing Program is able to offer programs such as the CNI Cochlear Kids Camp, support groups, and research studies for the development of new cochlear implant devices.

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