Reduce the Risk of Falling – TAKE ACTION

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Reduce the Risk of Falling – TAKE ACTION
By Ellen Belle, PT, MA



The risk of falling and fear of falling tends to get worse as we age.  This risk and fear are intensified if we have a neurological condition.  Falling can result in serious injury.  Understanding how we can improve our balance and keep ourselves safe from falling is key for our safety.  Some things to consider to reduce the risk of falling for yourself or a loved one include:  exercise and keeping yourself strong, have your vision and hearing checked, take care of your feet and wear sturdy shoes, make your home safer and talk to your healthcare professional to problem solve medical issues or to consider physical therapy.

Consider a Balance Evaluation if you have any of the following:  have had a fall or have a fear of falling, have difficulties walking or with balance, use an assistive device, have spells of dizziness or have more than one chronic condition. CNI would be happy to schedule you for a physical therapy balance evaluation at your convenience and discuss a plan of action with you and your physician. To schedule call:  303-788-4010.  To better assure insurance coverage ask your physician to FAX us a prescription at 303-788-5469.

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