Directions for Camp Forum Registration

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How to Register for the CNI Cochlear Kids Camp Forum:

-Go to forum page:

-Click  the “Register” button on the top right.

-Type in the user name that you would like to use in the forum, as well as your email address. Then drag the pencil in the circle, solve the math problem and push “Submit.”

-Go to your email account and view the verification email. This email contains your username and temporary password.

-Click the link in the email that will take you to your login page. Copy and paste the temporary password in the password box. Then you will be taken to a page where you can fill out your profile, create a new password (of your choice) and insert any webpages/facebook/twitter/etc. links that you want to share with other members.

– Once you have filled out you profile information, click on the “Colorado Neurological” link at the top left of your screen and this will take you back to CNI’s homepage.

-Click on the “Education” tab to find  the “Camp Forum.”

-You are now logged in to the CNI Cochlear Kids Camp online forum!

If you have questions, please contact Melissa Kenyon at or 303-357-5442.

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