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If you think you may qualify for one of these studies, please contact CNI’s Research Department at 303-806-7423.

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About Cluster Headaches:
This headache syndrome involves what is described as “attacks” of severe pain on one side of the head lasting 15-180 minutes and occurring as little as once every day or as often as 8 times a day.  Attacks are associated with eye redness, tearing from the eye, runny nose, nasal congestion, facial sweating, or sometimes eyelid swelling all occuring on one side. Cluster headaches generally start occurring between the ages of 30-40 years of age and tend to be more common in men.Cluster headaches are often scary as they are considered one of the most painful types of headaches an individual can experience.  Given their intermittent nature, these types of headaches can create a lot anxiety due to anticipation of when the next “attack” is going to occur. (credit: www.coloradoheadache.com)

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