CNI Associates

CNI partners with Associates throughout the community to better serve individuals with neurological conditions. There are multiple ways to get involved with CNI.

  1. Research 

  2. Patient Services

  3. Education 

Copy of photo 1CNI Associates are chosen by the Medical Advisory Council of CNI, made up of physicians, rehab therapists, social workers and nurses who are actively engaged in treating, educating and/or researching persons with neurological diseases.  They are chosen based on their credentials, education, experience, reputation in the community and publications, as well as their ability to give back to the patient community through their work in these areas.

Every Associate must fill out an application, meet minimum education and experience requirements, and sign a code of ethics. CNI does not endorse any of these practitioners and is not liable for any treatment they may provide.  


All CNI Associates are expected to attend any two of the following annual events at CNI:

CNI Hope Awards 
Ride on the CNI Team at the annual Elephant Rock Cycling Festival
Support and play at the annual CNI Golf Classic 
Help plan and attend the first annual CNI Neuro Conference for Patients & Caregivers 
Support and attend the annual CNI fundraising Gala 

In addition, as a nonprofit organization, CNI asks that all Associates “give back” through one of our mission areas for a total of 12 hours per year (one hour per month):

On your application, please indicate the areas where you plan to contribute to the mission of the Colorado Neurological Institute, identifying specific plans or ideas that you have in any or all of the areas of patient care, education and outreach, clinical research, outcomes reporting, and development/fundraising.

Some ideas of ways that you can contribute:

• Write an article for one of the CNI publications
• Help plan and implement a CNI education or outreach presentation
• Participate in CNI clinical research as a PI or in some other capacity
• Serve on a CNI mission committee (will meet quarterly)
• Help start a clinic at the CNI NeuroHealth Center
• Go with executive or development staff to meet with grateful patients to raise awareness and funds for specific areas of interest

If you are interested in becoming involved in CNI’s work, please contact Tami Lack, Executive Director, at 303-806-7414 or



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