Social WorkAt CNI, we understand that receiving specialized medical care and treatment is a priority in dealing with your condition.  However, we are also aware that your disease or neurological condition impacts every area of your life or that of your loved ones.  Our counseling services offer you or your care partner the opportunity to explore what it means to live well with chronic disease, maintain quality relationships, face the difficult emotions you encounter and live with hope.

Topics we are available to explore:

  • Adjusting to the news of your diagnosis
  • Grieving the loss you feel
  • Effective communication with those close to you
  • Addressing  the difficult moods you experience such as depression, anxiety, and irritability
  • Tips for talking with your children about your situation
  • Strategies to consider in making significant decisions
  • Learning to manage your life for the “long haul”
  • Discovering your inner resiliency
  • Recognizing the opportunities you have as you move forward

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