Philosophy of Care

The larynx. We all have one, and we use it all day every day…without thinking about it. The larynx is the voice box, so it’s responsible for every word we verbalize. It also plays an important role in swallowing, which — like using the voice — is necessary, constant and virtually automatic.

We usually become aware of our larynx when vocal function or swallowing is made difficult by one of many potential disorders. Laryngeal dysfunction can be annoying, inconvenient, uncomfortable and disruptive to normal living. It can also be painful, serious and — for anyone who makes a living with their voice — the end to a career and livelihood.

Which is why the CNI Voice & Swallow Disorders Service provides comprehensive medical care focused exclusively on voice and swallowing disorders.


Because the larynx is intricate and complex, our specialists use a complete range of specialized diagnostic tools and techniques to determine the nature and extent of dysfunction. In addition to using neurological testing, sophisticated voice analysis and all scope procedures, we use special technology to see true vocal-fold function for more complete and accurate diagnoses. Diagnostics our specialists use include:

  • Leading-edge voice analysis
  • Rigid & flexible videostrobolaryngoscopy
  • State-of-the-art videokymography
  • Laryngeal nerve-function testing
  • Flexible & rigid fiber-optic nasal endoscopy
  • Rhinolaryngeal endoscopy
  • Laryngoscopy
  • Nasopharyngoscopy
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Esophagoscopy


The CNI Voice & Swallow Disorders Service offers complete treatment options, from voice therapy to today’s most advanced surgical solutions. Advanced treatment options include:

  • Surgery to restore or enhance voice
  • Minimally invasive, microscopic & laser procedures
  • Laryngeal repair & reconstruction
  • Therapeutic botulinum injections
  • Analysis & therapy for the professional voice
  • Voice therapy for specific needs/indications
  • Accent & pitch modification

At the CNI Voice & Swallow Disorders Service, our unique capabilities include a range of voice-therapy services which are easily accessed. Every voice-related problem can benefit from therapy. In fact, voice therapy is as vital to post surgical rehabilitation as it is to avoiding unnecessary surgical intervention.