Stroke & Aneurysm

9-24 003Together, the CNI neuro rehab team has over 175 years experience in treating stroke patients. In collaboration with Swedish Medical Center, CNI provides outpatient resources, care coordination and research to the newly accredited Comprehensive Stroke Center at Swedish Medical Center. Seek CNI if you need assistance with swallowing, aphasia treatment, walking assistance, balance, coordination, counseling, support or any other issues.


Counseling and Care Coordination: Both patients and caregivers are often in need of some coaching. CNI has licensed professional counselors and social workers that can provide quality assistance. For information, please contact 303-788-4010 . more info

Neuro Rehabilitation: CNI’s rehab team focuses on balance, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, speech and many other functional tasks associated with stroke and aneurysm. For more information, please contact Ellen Belle at ebelle@thecni.orgmore info

Patient Assistance: CNI provides short-term financial assistance to cover necessary services, physician care, and any additional care needs for stroke and aneurysm patients. For information, please contact

Support Groups: Stroke and Epilepsy Support Groups offer multiple educational presentations in addition to important aspects of fellowship and group support. For information, please contact Gaetha Mills at  more info

Back on Track Program: Young and/or active adults have the opportunity to participate in the Back on Track Program, which helps individuals who have suffered a stroke return to work. For more information, please contact Ellen Belle at

Research: CNI is very active in clinical research with the hope that we will see cures in our lifetime. Stroke trials are currently running. more info

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