Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple-SclerosisMultiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease where an immune system attack occurs against the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord and optic nerves). Symptoms, varying in severity,  may include numbness in the limbs, paralysis or loss of vision. At CNI, we understand that MS affects everyone differently, and we will adjust our plan of action according to your needs.

Ellen Belle, Director of Patient Services and a Physical Therapist, is certified in physical therapy for patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Ellen along with her talented team of rehabilitation specialists are here to make sure you receive the quality care you deserve. 


Counseling and Care Coordination: Both patients and caregivers are often in need of some coaching. CNI has licensed professional counselors and social workers that can provide quality assistance. For information, please contact Luci Draayer at ldraayer@thecni.orgmore info

Neuro Rehabilitation: CNI’s rehab team focuses on balance, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, speech and many other functional tasks associated with Multiple Sclerosis. The neuro-rehab team partners with the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of the MS Society to offer functional spasticity evaluations. For more information, please contact Ellen Belle at ebelle@thecni.orgmore info

MS Neuro-Rehab Clinic: This monthly clinic, run by CNI and Dr. Karen Theriot, brings together physician expertise, as well as CNI’s rehab team to provide a comprehensive medical plan for patients. For more information, please contact Ellen Belle at

Patient Assistance: CNI provides short-term financial assistance to cover necessary services, physician care, and any additional care needs for Multiple Sclerosis patients. For information, please contact Luci Draayer at

Research:  CNI is very active in clinical research with the hope that we will see cures in our lifetime. Multiple Sclerosis trials are currently running. more info

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