Hearing Disorders Diagnosis/ Treatment

Patient evaluation, diagnosis and treatment are provided through the Rocky Mountain Ear Center and Denver Ear Associates. The following comprehensive services are provided:

  • Comprehensive audiological evaluation using objective and subjective measures, including:
    • Hearing Tests
    • Middle Ear Function Evaluation
    • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)
    • Otaocoustic Emissions (OAE)
    • Dehydration Testing
  • Balance function testing, including:
    • Videonystagmography (VNG)
    • Electrococelography (ECOG)
  • Hearing aid candidacy evaluation as well as dispensing, fitting and follow-up services
  • Cochlear implant candidacy evaluation, implantation, activation and follow-up
  • Custom noise protection devices, including swim molds and ear molds for hearing aids, cell phones and other personal listening devices

The Rocky Mountain Ear Center and Denver Ear Associates also provide comprehensive services to support families of children with hearing loss, including:

  • Medical evaluation and intervention by a fellowship-trained otologist
  • Complete audiological assessments, including
    • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)
    • Otaocoustic Emissions (OAE)


  • Amplification options, including state-of-the-art hearing aids and assistive listening devices such as Baha devices and cochlear implants
  • Referral sources for speech/language therapy, funding and appropriate communication modes
  • Family support network