Complimentary & Alternative Medicine

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is commonly used in the United States. Studies indicate that one-third to three-fourths of neurological patients use some form of CAM. CAM use tends to be higher in women and those who have conditions that lack definitive cures, have unpredictable courses and are associated with discomfort, pain and side effects from prescription medications.  Because these are characteristics of many neurological conditions, CAM use may be more prevalent in people with neurological conditions than in the general population. Many studies have shown that CAM is used by 50-75% of patients with various neurological conditions, including multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, Parkinson’s disease, neuromuscular diseases and headache.


Individualized Patient Education
This educational service is provided in office or by phone and provides objective, disease-specific CAM information relevant to each patient. The service is provided on either a one-time or ongoing basis and includes individualized CAM information about specific neurological conditions and symptoms. Detailed safety and effectiveness information about CAM therapies that are evidence-based and may be beneficial for specific diseases or symptoms will be discussed. Information is also provided about the possible benefits and possible toxic effects of dietary supplements while also analyzing supplement-drug and supplement-supplement interactions.


Colorado Neurological Insitute