DriveABLE Cognitive Assessment Tool

Are you or a loved one experiencing changing cognitive abilities from age, illness or an injury?

Colorado Neurological Institute offers a driving assessment tool known as DriveABLE. This tool is a stand-alone, push-button touch-screen system with advanced software that is highly predictive of actual on-road driving performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Developed through award winning research
  • Highly predictive of actual on-road driving ability
  • Standardized presentation, measurements and scoring
  • Concise report developed in conjunction with physicians and licensing authorities
  • Secure, trusted, defensible, fair and accurate

To schedule a driving assessment, a prescription is needed from a physician. The cost is $200. For additional information, please contact 303-788-4010.

At Colorado Neurological Institute, we know that driving is a primary concern for many of our patients. Patients are often eager to return to driving after experiencing an injury or illness. Those who are currently driving and have a progressive illness or are dealing with changing abilities from aging frequently have questions about their safety behind the wheel. Driving can play a key role in an individual’s independence, however it is important to ascertain when it is safe to return to driving or when it may be appropriate to consider alternate transportation options.

This video was made by a gentleman who had been asked not to drive by his children. He did drive and caused an accident which took someone’s life.

Driving Resources:

Comprehensive Driving Evaluations: You will need a script from your MD.  Costs are between $500 and $550. Here are several options for evaluations:

1. The Center for Neuro Rehab Services (Fort Collins and Lakewood) 970-493-6667.
2. Penrose Hospital (Colorado Springs) 719-776-5200
3. Denver VA Clinic (Aurora) 303-270-6414 (VA patients only)

DriveABLE (offered at CNI): You will need a script from your MD. This is a research based assessment of cognitive skills necessary for driving. Results may recommend additional separate on-road assessment (additional $150). NOT appropriate for people with physical limitations that might require adaptations to a vehicle. Might be appropriate for people after a stroke, heart attack or other major health event not involving physical limitations. For additional information, please contact 303-788-4010.

AAA Roadwise Review: Free online self-screening tool and other resources. For additional information, please visit

AARP Driver Safety Classes: AARP offers driver safety classes throughout the country. For additional information, please visit

DRIVE SMART COLORADO:  Offers a guide for aging drivers, their families and caregivers as well as educational offerings.  www.drivesmartcolorado


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