World Hearing Trip Provides the Gift of Hearing

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World Hearing Trip Provides the Gift of Hearing to People in Need in Comitan, Mexico

Englewood neurotologists visit Comitan, Mexico to serve those with limited access to medical care

Physicians associated with Colorado Neurological Institute celebrated the holidays early this year with their annual mission trip to Comitan, Mexico.  From November 16th to the 23rd, Dr. David Kelsall and Dr. Robert Muckle, both Colorado Neurological Institute Affiliates and area neurotologists, traveled to Comitan, Mexico on a CNI World Hearing Trip to treat both adults and children with hearing related disorders. This annual endeavor to treat underprivileged communities is coordinated by Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI), an Englewood nonprofit specializing in research, patient services and education for individuals affected by neurological conditions.

In addition to these local physicians, others involved in the trip included Dr. Gonzalo Corvera, Director of CNI’s sister nonprofit in Mexico City, Amaoir, Dr. Rudolfo Meza, a Comitan ENT, as well as Dr. Jeffrey Keyser from Providence, Utah. To round out this philanthropic team, three nurses and two audiologists volunteered their time. Together, they performed 16 surgeries and distributed approximately 110 hearing aids.

Established in 1989 by CNI, the World Hearing Network has traveled the globe, bringing hope, technology and supplies to patients and medical teams struggling with disorders of the ear. In past years, CNI Affiliates have gone on World Hearing Trips to countries such as Peru, Jamaica, Vietnam, Honduras, Costa Rica and Ecuador. Locations are chosen because of their identified medical and audiological needs, and because local medical professionals agreed to provide follow-up care to patients treated during the missions.

World Hearing Trips leave a profound impact on everyone – from the donors whose contributions help support the missions, to the volunteers who freely give their time and expertise, to the grateful recipients who often stand in line for hours for the chance to receive quality, no cost, medical attention.

Not only is the trip funded through monetary contributions, but the medical supplies for the trip are also donated. There were multiple sources, but major assistance with supplies came from Swedish Medical Center and Stryker, a medical technology company.

“After each volunteer mission with the CNI World Hearing Network, I am always amazed by how much we are able to accomplish in a short period of time. It is so rewarding to see what a team can do and how the intensive planning pays off. Not only are we able to bring hearing to patients that have no other resources, but we are able to educate the local professionals who can help patients every day. The word “network” is so appropriate here, because each trip involves generous donations from industry and individuals, medical volunteers, and members of the local communities where we travel,” said Dr. Kelsall.

“We have developed such strong relationships with the medical staff in Comitan. The impressive level of trust and camaraderie allows us to work together as a team to treat so many individuals in need. These World Hearing Trips are truly inspirational,” says Melanie Muckle, a World Hearing volunteer and wife of Dr. Robert Muckle.

Photos and information about the World Hearing Network can be found a To learn more about Amaoir, CNI’s sister nonprofit, please visit www.amaoir. Translation of Amaoir’s website content is available. Both organizations graciously accept donations to continue offering aid to patients.

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About the CNI World Hearing Network

The mission of the CNI World Hearing Network is to help alleviate hearing loss and diseases of the ear worldwide by empowering local doctors and audiologists and transferring state-of-the-art medical knowledge, training and tools. To learn more about supporting this program, please contact Tim Hermann at 303-357-5449 or email him at






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