Golf and Parkinson’s

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Golf and Parkinson’s
By Betsy Mathies

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I have been asked to give my thoughts on golf and Parkinson’s …. I’m not sure if I can express enough how fun the game of golf is for me.  It allows you to forget about all your troubles.  It’s great exercise (if you walk), and it is a great mental challenge.

I have been around the game for along time, mostly as a golf groupie!! My husband, Mike, is an excellent golfer and played in college for the University of Arkansas.  To play collegiate golf takes a lot of practice as well as tournament play.  I can’t even begin to count the tournaments I have walked and watched Mike play.  I understood the rules, but I didn’t get IT!

Several years ago (although I like to say a few years ago) I started to play.  It was hard and frustrating, but I kept at it and then it happened ……. I got IT!! Golf is a game of honor, integrity, a competition within yourself and a great way to spend five hours outside with your spouse or good friends.  Sure, if you don’t play well, you’re upset.  But by the time you load your clubs in the car, you’re already thinking about your next round.  As for my Parkinsons??  When I’m playing, I forget all about it!!

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