CNI is Building a Team of E-Rock Riders to Pedal for Brain and Spinal Tumor Patients

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CNI is Building a Team of E-Rock Riders to Pedal for Brain and Spinal Tumor Patients

The Charlie Wolf Lasting Legacy Ride honors lives cut short due to brain and spinal tumors.

(Castle Rock, CO – June 2, 2013)

Colorado Neurological Institute, a local neuroscience non-profit located near Swedish Medical Center, is assembling a team of volunteer cyclists who desire to ride in honor of lives cut short due brain and spinal tumors. The ride will take place June 2nd in Castle Rock, CO. Each registration for this team effort known as The Charlie Wolf Lasting Legacy Ride is donated to CNI’s Brain and Spinal Tumor Program, which offers patients an impressive list of services, research studies and educational opportunities. The Charlie Wolf Lasting Legacy Ride is held in memory of Charlie Wolf, a good friend of the CNI Brain & Spinal Tumor Program, and in recognition of the support provided by Charlie’s family.

Charlie Wolf spent much of seven years at CNI during his battle with brain cancer, which began in 2002. He was diagnosed with a rare grade IV brain tumor known as gliblastoma multiforme. Doctors gave him six months to live, but CNI’s innovative research and patient-focused methods gave Charlie an additional six and a half years with his family.

Determined to put up a strong fight, Charlie bravely faced neurosurgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, a stem cell transplant, gamma knife surgery and more. While undergoing such intense treatment, Charlie wrote two books about his journey, raised money for research and CNI, and participated in multiple support groups and CNI events. Eventually, his struggle came to an end January 8th, 2009, but his fiery spirit lives on in the hearts of the riders who commit themselves to the Lasting Legacy Ride year after year.

CNI’s Connection to E-Rock The Subaru Elephant Rock Cycling Festival was founded 26 years ago by Scot Harris. Years later, Scot’s sister, Jil, was diagnosed with a low-grade malignant brain tumor. Jil’s surgeon was a CNI member physician and she received follow-up care from Ed Arenson, MD, a renowned neuro-oncologist and founder of the CNI Brain & Spinal Tumors Program. Grateful for the care she received at CNI, Jil approached Scot about supporting Dr. Arenson and his team of E-Rock cyclists. Scot then generously committed to donating 100 E-Rock entries to CNI each year.

Cyclists are encouraged to stop by the CNI tent to celebrate with the rest of team after the ride. For information about participating in E-Rock, please contact Lorre Gibson at 303-806-7420 or

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