Williams, Depression and Parkinson’s Disease

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Williams, Depression and Parkinson’s Disease

Local Experts Offer Thoughts

Depression is common in newly diagnosed Parkinson’s patients, as well as in individuals facing most chronic conditions, ranging from epilepsy to arthritis. “We see patients constantly that are losing the ability to communicate with their families,” says Jay Schneiders, PhD, a Neuropsychologist and physician associate with Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI), a local nonprofit in Denver.  “Rigorous diagnostics and state-of-the-art medical treatment of a serious disease or condition is only the beginning.”

“We are hearing all about this right now because of Robin Williams, but this is something we deal with every day,” says Allen Bowling, MD, Phd. Dr. Bowling is an MS expert and also a physician associate of CNI.  He serves as co-chair of CNI’s Education Committee. “CNI has been offering programs and services to educate and combat depression for years.  In fact, we have our biggest conference of the year coming up next month, and anyone who is suffering with depression should attend.”

On Sept. 13th, CNI will host its first ever patient/caregiver conference focusing on issues such as depression, fitness, marijuana and the “science of happiness.” This event is designed particularly for those with neurological conditions.  However, the conference is open to anyone who suffers from a chronic condition, including depression itself.

“We want people to know we’re here, that we have medical experts, researchers, therapists, counselors, support group leaders, patient mentors and more,” says Tami Lack, Executive Director of CNI.  “We know the issues, we have the experts, and we want to help.  Depression is so common across the board – not just with Parkinson’s Disease – but with many other conditions, diseases and injuries.”

More information about the upcoming conference, “THRIVING WITH YOUR NEUROLOGICAL CONDITION:  Science, Sensitivity & Support” can be obtained here.

About Colorado Neurological Institute

Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI) has been providing research, education and patient services for persons with neurological conditions and their caregivers since 1988.  As the only nonprofit organization in the Rocky Mountain Region of its kind, CNI offers patient services, education and research opportunities for people with neurological conditions of all kinds and their caregivers.  Services include patient assistance funds, care coordination, counseling, rehab, educational programs and more.  More than 50 neuroscientists are affiliated with CNI and the list is growing.  Learn more at www.thecni.org.

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