Hearing Studies

If you think you may qualify for one of these studies, please contact CNI’s Research Department at 303-806-7416 or jstucky@thecni.org.

Nucleus 24 percutaneous contour cochlear implant system: Developing advanced speech coding strategies using a temporary percutaneous implant system
Description: The “Nucleus 24 Percutaneous Contour Cochlear Implant Study” is an ongoing sponsor-based project held in conjunction with a concomitant study carried out in the sponsor’s research lab.  Our facet of the project is to test and confirm proper functioning of a research cochlear implant which is not a product prototype but rather is a unique design which allows engineers to test new speech coding strategies, stimulation rates, etc in a controlled setting.  At participating in the study with the research implant for 18 months, subjects have those devices removed and replaced with the latest commercially available device on the market.  Enrollment in this study continues.
Principal Investigator: David Kelsall, MD

Evaluation of Acoustical and Electrical Hearing:  Assessing the usability and preference of an acoustical coupling (hearing aid) to electrical hearing provided by their current sound processor.
Description: Evaluation of Acoustical and Electrical Hearing Study” is looking at providing both electrical and acoustical stimulation to a commercially available cochlear implant in patients with some residual hearing.  The chief difference is that the acoustical component is not an experimental device awaiting FDA approval, but is instead a commercially available hearing aid.  Therefore this investigator-initiated project couples a traditional hearing aid with a traditional cochlear implant, and is evaluating the benefits these patients may receive.  This study is open to enrollment.
Principal Investigator: Allison Biever, AuD 

Colorado Neurological Insitute