2016 Spotlight on Hope Winners

Exemplary Neuro Patient, Parkinson’s

Rick Schwartz

Former FOX sportscaster. Active in the community through board leadership with Parkinson’s Disease of the Rockies, speaking engagements and the creation of the new state-wide “Boxing for Parkinson’s” program.

— Nominated by Rajeev Kumar, MD

Exemplary Neuro Patient & Caregiver (inpatient and outpatient)

Mandy & Matt Banks

At the age of 28 – 8 months pregnant with her first child, Mandy had a serious hemorrhagic stroke which nearly took her life. An emergency C-section at Rose Medical Center saved the baby, and because of excellent neuro care by Dr. Judd Jensen at Rose Medical Center, she was immediately flown to Swedish Medical Center where the entire stroke team and neurosurgeon, Adam Hebb, were involved in her complex case. After nearly a year of rehab at CNI, Mandy is back at work and busy mothering her infant son. Together Mandy and Matt have raised over $50,000 for the American heart association, and have been a courageous inspiration to the entire Denver community. A story of a true TEAM effort by many devoted providers.

— Nominated by the Swedish Stroke Team and CNI speech therapist, Debra Bandstra.

Charlotte Varney

“Anything can happen” award for a child who has courageously faced a neurological condition.

Charlotte Varney

As an ongoing goal to spread our mission throughout the community, CNI is excited to announce the selection of a very worthy patient seen by the broader neurological community in Denver. Charlotte is a 9 year old brain tumor survivor who has undergone numerous procedures and chemo regiments over the past four years to finally reach her current “cancer free” status.  She and her family (5 kids) have truly inspired others and have been models and mentors for families facing the same type of challenges.

— Nominated by CNI Board Member, Betsy Mathies

Allen Bowling, MD

Neuroscientist of the Year:

Allen Bowling, MD, PhD

Nominated by his neurological colleagues, Dr Bowling is an outstanding MS clinician and has published extensively in the area of complimentary and alternative medicine for MS patients.   He speaks internationally and gives generously of his time and resources to CNI, the National MS Society, and numerous other organizations in the neuroscience community.

— Nominated by Cori Millen, DO, Dan Huddle, DO and Michael Pearlman, MD, PhD.

Community Champion

Swedish Medical Center

For years CNI has honored philanthropic individuals in the community who give generously to the advancement of neuroscience.  For the first time ever, CNI proudly recognizes the entire staff and administration of Swedish Medical Center.  Truly community champions, SMC gives generously to the local epilepsy foundation, the Parkinson’s foundation, the stroke association, the brain injury alliance, Craig hospital, the ALS association and even sustains a year round food drive for low income children in the Englewood area.  CNI would not be here today if it weren’t for the generosity, commitment and collaboration of SMC.

— Nominated by CNI Executive Director, Tami Lack and the entire CNI Board of Directors

Colorado Neurological Insitute