CNI Patient – “A big thank you to all the staff at CNI! I feel so encouraged and positive from all the love and support I have been given. Thank you for honoring all of us with such care and attention! With a full heart of appreciation”


CNI Patient – “You made a huge difference in my life!  I think I said this yesterday but it is true enough to say again, you have wonderful talent and gifts and skill and spirit for the work that you do!  And the world is so much better for your being willing to offer yourself in this way!”


CNI Patient – “You are a very special and genuine healer, Luci.You have been so important to both of us in this journey. We are so happy we found you.”


Camera Photos2 500Betsy Mathies, Parkinson’s Patient, Volunteer – “My name is Betsy Mathies (pictured on far left) and I have Parkinson’s Disease.  I am a patient of Dr. Rajeev Kumar and as a result have been tied to CNI since the beginning of my Parkinson’s journey but I had no idea what that meant at the time.  My journey with CNI goes like this….

After I had come to terms with my diagnosis, I asked how I could get involved in the Parkinson’s world and meet more people with Parkinsons, get involved in helping others, which in turn always helps you.  Long story short, I met with several people at CNI and found my niche with golf.  I became very involved in the relationship between CNI and Transamerica at the Solheim Cup this last summer.  Along the way, I met and became friends with some of the awesome people who work at CNI – Tami Lack, Melissa Kenyon, Nancy Miller, Alicia Novak and Deb Stef.  If I forgot anyone, I am truly sorry.  This group of people work so hard!! A light bulb went off as we were working on this golf tournament and I realized that they were also working on events for Hunington’s Disease, Dystonia and cochlear implants and a multitude of other neurological disorders that they work with.  In a nutshell, they are in constant motion with a heart for everyone!!

As I settle in with my disease, I am hitching my volunteer wagon to CNI.  They are progressive in their thinking, hard working and loyal.  With their fabulous leadership  and the smart, innovative thinking of some of their younger staff, I believe CNI will become one of Denver’s most notable non profits.  You just sit back and watch it happen!!!

P.S.  I can’t close without mentioning that I had one of the most memorable experiences of my life with executive director, Tami Lack.  All I can say is speaking at Red Rocks – PRICELESS!”


1 (7)Donna Miller, Parkinson’s Patient, Volunteer – “For many years, my family and I were “corporate nomads”, moving with my husband’s job every 2-3 years.  Besides finding a good mechanic and hair stylist with each move we made, I also had to find a neurologist because I have Parkinson’s Disease. Diagnosed in 1996, I didn’t want to keep changing my neurologist frequently, so in 2000 I made the decision to travel to Denver – my home town – every 6 months to see a Movement Disorder Specialist associated with CNI.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!  My neurologist, Dr. Kumar is a brilliant physician and a warm, caring person who demands that his patients stay knowledgeable about their own health.   Because of the care I received, I wanted to give back to CNI, the neuroscience nonprofit Dr. Kumar supports.  CNI offers a multi-disciplinary network of caring, skilled medical professionals working together to treat the whole person, to help patients like me be the best they can be. I truly feel I’m a part of the CNI family and know they’ll be there should I need them.”


Chad Spjuth, Volunteer – “Why have I been volunteering for CNI for over 10 years?  Simple, because the level of care and commitment to patients and families is unparalleled.  CNI has always been dedicated to state-of-the-art care and they provide this care in the most personal manner.  Seeing lives change and the relationships that CNI has brought me is why I keep coming back.”


Robin Fort, CNI Board President – “The Colorado Neurological Institute celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013.  Its lasting commitment to providing care to persons with neurological conditions and their families is a testament to the visionaries of the past and the talented and dedicated staff and volunteers in the organization today.  I have been on the Board of Directors at CNI for over four years, and I am still amazed at the number of ways a person with a neurological condition can receive care and support at CNI.   The support services let patients and their caregivers know that they are not alone in this journey.  Neuro-rehab at the NeuroHealth Center helps patients get stronger and gain greater independence in their lives.  The research that is going on at CNI gives patients hope for a better tomorrow.  That’s comprehensive care, and it’s all in one place.  I know that the challenges that people with neurological conditions face are related to the brain, but the care they receive from CNI comes from the heart.  I’m honored to be a part of an organization that changes lives for the better.”


Vicky Deichsel, Mother of CNI Cochlear Kids Camp Camper – “Every year my family and I look forward to CNI Cochlear Kids Camp. It has done so much for our daughter’s self-esteem.   She is able to see that the older kids with Cochlear Implants can do the same things that the hearing kids can do. 

The staff and volunteers at camp do their best to make sure the kids are involved and have plenty to do.  They have great activities that involve the whole family or just simply the children.  Our daughter’s favorite part is the private swim party for the CNI Cochlear group. Caitlyn is exhausted by the time the day is over.   The location in Estes Park couldn’t be more perfect.  I find it quite hard to believe, but if there isn’t enough for the families to do at the camp they can take a short 10 minute drive down to the heart of Estes Park, which is filled with quaint antique stores, taffy stores, and ice cream shops.  

My husband and I love being able to get the views and opinions from the older Cochlear Implant kids. What’s embarrassing and what their frustrations were growing up. We could all use a little more “in their shoes” perspective.

Thank you Colorado Neurological Institute for making this camp possible and such a huge success! See you in next summer!!!!” 


Phyllis Danner, Stroke Survivor – I am a grateful stroke survivor and a living success story due to quick response and the expert care at the Swedish Hospital, the most comprehensive stroke center in Colorado, in partnership with the Colorado Neurological Institute.

The CNI research includes an investigational device which was used in the successful procedure to extract a large blood clot from my cerebral artery, allowing immediate and total recovery.

My enormous gratitude goes to Dr. Donald Frei, the Interventional NeuroRadiologist whose skill and wisdom allowed him to use this device so effectively.

It is my hope that my “miracle” story of recovery will inspire and benefit the community through the outreach and education programs of the CNI, which is one of their important missions.






Colorado Neurological Insitute