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The Mission of Colorado Neurological Institute is to enhance the delivery of personalized, comprehensive and state-of-the-art care to patients with neurological conditions through coordinated research, patient services and education. 

Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI), a non-profit neuroscience organization, has been providing research, education and patient services for persons with neurological conditions and their caregivers since 1988. As the only nonprofit organization in the Rocky Mountain Region of its kind, CNI offers patients easy access to comprehensive, state-of-the-art care, support services, clinical trials, outpatient neuro rehab, counseling and more.

Why do you need CNI?

When you are diagnosed with a neurological condition it takes more than just a doctor to help you live the best life possible. In addition to the treatment you receive from your neuro specialist, you should seek out the complementary care CNI provides: counseling, support groups, classes, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and clinical trials. The more quality comprehensive neuro rehab you receive, the better you will be able to manage day to day life.

CNI makes it easy for you to get the care you need in one location. Unlike other rehab centers, at CNI, you can receive all your therapies and supplementary services in one stop.

How do you get involved with CNI?

Ask your doctor to refer you to CNI’s NeuroHealth Center for complementary care. You can also call 303-788-4010 for more information.

CNI arose from a significant community need that we continue to address to this day:

Patients with neurological conditions often find that they do not have access to the comprehensive care, support and resources they need.

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CNI’s Three Focuses


CNI facilitates clinical trials, publications and presentations for a variety of neurological conditions. Together with Associates, we are seeking new treatments and solutions to help patients lead longer, stronger lives. more info

Patient Services

CNI Associates are internationally recognized and provide state-of-the-art treatments. Patients also seek the CNI NeuroHealth Center for additional support. CNI’s therapy team provides outpatient neuro rehabilitation, counseling, patient care coordination, specialty clinics, innovative programs and ongoing support groups. more info


CNI provides community education, one-to-one patient education and continuing professional medical education through lectures, conferences, informal talks, health fairs, printed materials, website updates, emailed articles and quarterly research newsletters. more info

Patient Stories


  • 1988 – CNI was founded.
  • 1989 – CNI launched its Epilepsy Program.
  • 1990 – The Denver Ear Institute became a major program of CNI and immediately created one of the country’s outstanding fellowships in neuro-otology.
  • 1991 – Christopher O’Brien, MD joined Paul Levisohn and Richard Finkel, MD in the practice of neurology and headed the Movement Disorders Program.
  • 1995 – Charles Ferguson was elected the first chair of the board that oversees CNI . A volunteer support group was formed.
  • 1996 – CNI launched its Bert Goldberg Memorial Lectureship.
  • 1999 – The year of the first CNI Golf Classic. The CNI board of directors elected Cindy Acree, a former patient in two of CNI’s programs, as its chairperson. This election distinguished CNI as the only neurological institute in the world being lead by a patient. CNI’s Hope Awards began.
  • 2000 – Colorado Parent Magazine presented the 2000 Colorado’s Best Companies for Working Families Award to CNI for an unprecedented third consecutive year. The award recognizes companies that encourage a family-friendly workplace. CNI received the first-place designation in the Small Business category.
  • 2001 – The American Association of Neurological Surgeons presented Dr. VanderArk with the 2001 Humanitarian Award.
  • 2001 – CNI Cochlear Kids Camp began
  • 2004 – CNI’s NeuroHealth Center opened its doors, providing the uninsured a haven.
  • 2011 – CNI transitioned to Suite 415 in Bldg. 701
  • 2013 – CNI is 25 years old!
  • 2014 – Held the 25th CNI Cochlear Kids Camp! Held the first ever CNI Neuro Conference for patients and caregivers facing neurological conditions.

Seek Treatment

If you’re experiencing a neurological condition, please call us at 303-788-4010. We will refer you to one of our Associates or numerous programs.

CNI provides quality, comprehensive care for these conditions and others:

Brain & Spinal Tumor
Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Epilepsy & Seizures
Hearing Disorders
Movement Disorders
Multiple Sclerosis
Neuromuscular/Peripheral Nerve Disorders
Stroke & Aneurysm
Traumatic Brain Injury
Voice & Swallow Disorders


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